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Erin is an innovative life and leadership coach, specializing in the study and application of animal communication. Her fascination with the healing power of animals began as a young college student. Through a self-designed Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Assisted Mental Health, she was able to study the effect horses have on the human psyche. This hands-on, experiential learning approach led to her initial work with combat veterans, the special needs community, and adjudicated teens.


Over the ensuing 15 years, Erin has continued to advance and expand her knowledge in the field. She attended The College of William and Mary for her post graduate work and in 2016 embarked on a three-year apprenticeship with world-renowned horse whisperer, Koelle Simpson. Today, Erin is a certified Master Facilitator of Equus and Life Coaching. She leads private and group retreats for individuals, couples, small groups, corporate teams, and the entertainment industry. 


Erin has developed a deep reverence for the wilderness and all of its inhabitants. Through personal experience, observation, and coaching she has been struck by the profound transformations that take place when people step away from modern life and reconnect with the natural world. The entire body of her work has been dedicated to providing unique opportunities for people to heal, learn, and become re-inspired. 


Erin is an emerging voice for the preservation of our planet and hopes her retreat offerings will inspire gratitude and stewardship for all the wild spaces.

Who I Help

I work with individuals, couples, small groups, corporate teams, and the entertainment industry.

What I Offer

I offer virtual coaching, group retreats, and customizable private retreats. All in-person sessions and events include learning from horses, other wildlife, and the surrounding wilderness areas.

What You Will Gain

You will gain: valuable insights into your behavioral/communication patterns and how to successfully transform them.

You will learn: how to cultivate healthy,

meaningful relationships with yourself and others.

You will uncover: a deeper sense of purpose, greater self-awareness + self-acceptance, and the ability to create the life you really want.

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