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  • What if I have no prior horse experience or am afraid of horses?
    No prior horse experience is necessary! Most of my clients and retreat participants have never worked with horses before. I have years of experience safely guiding people through their interactions with horses. You can rest assured, knowing that I will meet you where you are most comfortable and support you from there.
  • Why horses?
    You can lie to your therapist, but not to a horse. Horses have the remarkable ability to synchronize their heartbeat with yours in order to sense if they are safe or in danger. This means that they are able to quickly detect feelings of fear, anxiety, playfulness, restfulness, sadness, and contentment through what your body is communicating to them. If what you are saying is incongruent with how you are feeling they will choose not to connect. This becomes a valuable teaching point that allows you to gently observe the parts of yourself that exude confidence as well as the parts that don't. The interactions you have with a horse become a direct metaphor for the interactions that occur in other areas of your life: · Are you a people pleaser or are you able to honor your wants/needs? · Do you lead with control, from a place of fear, or with integrity? · Are you able to set clear boundaries or do people often take advantage of you? · Are you a leader or do you have a tendency to follow? · Do you trust your intuition or do you rely on the input of others? Equus Coaching provides a safe, non-judgmental space for you to notice what is possible when you begin to lead with integrity, confidence, and clear communication rather than with fear, self-doubt, and ambiguity. This trial and error approach creates a memorable reference point for how it feels to show up and follow through with what you really want. In addition, it makes integrating what you learn easier, because you are not being told what needs to shift, you are feeling it through your time with a horse.
  • What can corporate teams learn from horses and the wild?
    I have spent many years studying through observation, immersion, and film the high functionality of horse herds, dolphin and whale pods, and shark shivers. The herd mentality is not only something to marvel at, it is something that leadership teams garner impactful knowledge from. Every action and communication exchange is purposeful, contributing to the overall integrity, efficiency, and well-being of the collective herd. Additionally, these animal groups are able to accomplish all of their goals and objectives without the presence of power struggles. This is achieved through clear communication, situational awareness, and the omission of rigid roles. The most suitable leader is determined based on the present moment, not from a pre-established, unshakeable order. Imagine uncovering the wisdom and tools needed to create an environment where every member of your team shows up as a confident, capable leader. I would love to help your executive group discover innovative ways of becoming a more engaged, cohesive, and successful unit through unique interactions with horses and the wild.
  • Do your retreats include time with animals other than horses?
    Yes! You will soon be invited to explore some of the wilder parts of the world with me. It is my sincere hope that these rare opportunities will inspire gratitude and a deeper sense of responsibility to the planet we are so lucky to call home. A percentage of all proceeds will go towards a conservation initiative that is complimentary to the nature of the retreat.
  • Will my time with you include horseback riding?
    Equus Coaching is always facilitated from the ground. However, many of the group retreat packages include trail rides or overnight pack trips.
  • What is your cancellation policy for Virtual Coaching Sessions?
    I understand that life can present unexpected dilemmas from time to time. If you need to submit a cancellation request it must be emailed to at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time in order to receive a full refund. A cancellation request made less than 48 hours in advance is unfortunately, non-refundable.
  • What if technical difficulties impact the effectiveness and overall quality of a virtual coaching session?
    In the event that technology fails us, you of course will have the opportunity to reschedule at no additional charge.
  • Are your services covered by insurance?
    Although the services I provide tend to have a therapeutic effect, they are not classified as therapy. As a result, they are not typically covered by insurance. Sometimes, however, they can be covered under an employers' professional development benefits and/or under FSA/HSA accounts (wellness). This is worth looking into if you haven’t already!
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