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Create an unforgettable experience
for yourself

I am thrilled to offer anyone interested in collaborating or working one-on-one with me the ability to customize your own experience! There are various venues scattered across the United States that have been kind enough to extend their space for us to use. You will have the option to choose from select locations, submit a request for me to travel to you and your horses, or incorporate Equus Coaching into an already planned event. Please let me know what your vision is and I will help you create an unforgettable experience that best suits your needs and goals.


  • J Bar L Ranch | Centennial Valley, MT

  • Apache Springs Ranch | Sonoita, AZ

  • Lake Nacimiento Ranch | Paso Robles, CA

  • Private Estate | Loudoun County, VA

  • Twin Oaks Guest Ranch | Lebanon, TN



  • Half Day | 3-4 hours, snacks and water included

  • Full Day | 7-8 hours with snacks, water, and a catered lunch included

  • Two Day | Everything that is provided in a full day event, for two days


  • Group sizes can range anywhere from 1-5 participants up to 6-18 participants. 

  • Any group size that falls in between the 6-18 participant range will require additional facilitators/support coaches. Please notify me of your interest as far out from the scheduled or proposed event date as possible. I will need an ample amount of time to check availability and/or make arrangements. 

  • Any group size larger than 18 participants will require a special request submitted no less than 90 days prior to the scheduled or proposed event. 


Listed below are a handful of areas that clients and retreat participants commonly ask to be coached around: 


  • How to better cope with loss 

    • Loss of a loved one, a pet, a job, a house, a friend, a community. 

    • Loss of a relationship, a marriage, an affair partner. 

    • Loss of good health

    • Loss of a sense of purpose or self.

    • Loss of a child due to illness, an accident, a miscarriage, an abortion, adoption, divorce

  • How to shift repetitive patterns in relationships 

  • How to improve communication with others

  • How to set clear boundaries

  • How to honor personal needs and wants

  • How to heal past and present traumas

  • How to overcome feelings of shame and guilt

  • How to cultivate more intimacy in the bedroom

  • How to navigate retirement and/or fear of the unknown

  • How to make an already good life better

  • How to become a more impactful leader

  • How to create a more engaged, cohesive, efficient leadership team


The Benefits of Integrating the Intelligence of Animals into Retreats 

The most important thing that animals have taught me is how to cultivate an environment that gives me enough comfort to simply be myself.


One of the reasons people love animals so much is because of how honest they are in their interactions. We are constantly receiving a direct reflection of what they are feeling in every single moment. Animals do not have the ability or desire to posture themselves for us in order to consciously or unconsciously manipulate a connection. This fosters a deep level of trust and emotional safety that most of our human relationships lack. 


From a very young age, we are taught how we should look, act, think, feel, and be in order to gain social acceptance. Most of us spend a lifetime letting go of who we are in order to become someone we are not. We love to think that in different environments we are different; but the truth is, we carry how we treat ourselves everywhere we go. Social standards and narratives do not exist in the wild making it a remarkable way for us to learn a different way of being. 


I would love to share with you what is possible when animals are used as guide posts in vaster coaching arenas.

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