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Restorative Services and Innovative Retreats

Novel experiences that accelerate healing and transformation


Virtual Coaching

Slow down, settle-in, and receive transformational support from the comfort of your home. I am dedicated to providing a safe space for you to share, modify, and discover what is possible in life and relationship. Although this type of coaching does not include interactive experiences with horses or other wildlife, it does incorporate all of the same tools used during the private and group retreats. I look forward to helping you uncover new ways forward.

Group Retreats

For close to a decade now, I have observed the profound transformations that occur throughout group retreats. When people realize they are not alone in their experiences, they are able to shift from a feeling of isolation to one of true belonging.

"There is a terrible misconception that therapy should take place in a private setting, one-on-one. I learned more from one of Erin's group retreats than I had in five years of traditional therapy. Not only is working with Erin effective, it is also more economical." 

-Jason Graham


Custom Retreat

Create your own half-day to two-day custom retreat that will allow you to work one-on-one with Erin Gemma. This is a wonderful option if you are curious about the horse component, are needing more individualized support, or are interested in incorporating Equus Coaching into a future event. 

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