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Innovative Life and Leadership Coaching

Heal. Learn. Become Re-inspired.

Erin Gemma offers novel retreat experiences that give people the opportunity to receive guidance and support while learning from the biofeedback of horses and the wisdom of the wild.

Home: Headliner

From the Comfort of your Home

Step Away and Reconnect

Create your Own Experience



 Receiving customized support has never been easier! Erin is happy to offer life coaching sessions over the phone or via video-conferencing.



Discover the transformative power of a shared adventure! Join Erin at various locations throughout the year to learn from the wisdom of animals. 



Interested in collaborating? Create a custom Equus Coaching Retreat for yourself, your family, a small group, or your business! 

What People are Saying

“Erin can help you navigate the dark, but she can also help you illuminate an already vibrant life. I worked with her years ago and told her my life was awesome--how could I make it even better?! The experience I had with her and the horses was world-class and should be a bucket list item for every person seeking betterment for themselves in any capacity.”

-Jeff Bridges

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